Civil Protection Service of the City Hall of Praia ready for the arrival of the rains

Praia, Jul 14 (Inforpress) – The Civil Protection Service of the City Hall of Praia is ready for interventions in the neighborhoods with the arrival of rains in the capital, said Monday, the director, Celestino Afonso.

Speaking to Inforpress, this official said that the service had no record of an emergency situation this Monday, with the rainfalls, stating that they are on standby to this type of situation, with emphasis on the areas considered to be “at risk”.

Despite the drainage work carried out by the City Hall of Praia, he stressed, the lower areas and slopes still lack interventions, aiming to minimize the risks and damage with the rainfalls. As he recalled, the municipality approved for this year an operational emergency plan for the rainy season this year, of 27.8 million escudos, which is implemented before and during the rainy season.

“It is a budget for the rainy season. The budget made normally includes the work in progress, we identified a set of areas that need more intervention before and during the rainy season, because we have to forecast everything and have a basic preparation with the rainfalls”, he said.


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