City Hall of Praia defends broader vision and cross-sectoral action in combating drug use

Praia, Jun 27 (Inforpress) – The Director of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Management and Social Reintegration of the City Hall of Praia, Sueli Carvalho, defended the need for a broader vision and cross-sectoral action in combating drug use in the municipality.

This official defended this position to Inforpress, as part of a walk under the theme “Facing the challenges of drugs in health and humanitarian crises”, with the aim of raising awareness among society in the face of the scourge that has dismantling families and contributed to the increase of disabling diseases.

“The City Hall of Praia carried out this activity in partnership with UNODC which created this year’s theme aiming to strengthen the work of intervention with people in situations of health crisis and the issue of humanization, hence the City Hall took advantage of this cause taking into account the work we have done with homeless people and many of them come from the abusive drug use”, she explained.

The City Hall, she said, also with this initiative exercise the civic act and try to promote reflection with the citizens of Praia and above all with the Anjos da Noite Project beneficiaries.

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