City Hall of Maio announces “tourist villages” Project for the town village of Pedro Vaz

Porto Inglês, Jun 29 (Inforpress) – The town of Pedro Vaz will receive in the coming months the “tourist villages” project, the City Hall, as a way to boost that town village, which over time has been losing its population.

The information is announced by the Mayor of Maio, Miguel Rosa, explaining that the idea is to transform the town village into “a true point of tourist interest”, through the project to be implemented in partnership with the Tourism Fund, with a view to stopping the population exodus from the town village to other parts of the island and the country.

Being the center of the northernmost areas of the island, the town village of Pedro Vaz has played an important role in the past, with emphasis on the health sector, education and City Hall services, in addition to agriculture, so it is intended with this project to bring centrality back to that town village, which is in celebration, because it is celebrating the patron saint “São Pedro”.

This initiative of the City Hall of Maio is welcomed by the president of the Tourism Association of the island of Maio, Arlindo Cardoso, for whom this choice is more than deserved, since the town village of Pedro Vaz, located in the heart of the island, has “excellent” conditions, but need to be improved, worked and used.



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