City Hall brings Animal Fair to São Martinho Pequeno as a way to promote agriculture in the locality

Praia, Sep 12 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Praia (CMP) is promoting, this Sunday, its first Animal Fair in São Martinho Pequeno in order to promote agriculture and promote agribusiness in this locality.

Speaking to Inforpress, the Director of Culture and Creative Economy of CMP, Adilson Spínola, began by saying that São Martinho Pequeno is a locality where there is a lot of animal husbandry and, therefore, the Cty Hall, at first, tried to embrace this community in order to promote agriculture in this community.

“It is one of the communities where we see that there are diversity of animal husbandry, where we also come across the issue of animal running free through the streets and this fair has a strand that is to raise awareness with the Municipal Code of Conduct to show that the animal running free through the streets can result in a fine for the owner and also affect the issue of public health”,  he said.

According to this responsible, many times the livestock farmers raise the animals in their own homes and animal running free through the streets going to the trash and then returning home, there is a risk of bringing diseases to the people living in that dwelling.



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