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Children and Adolescents: Trauma and the pursuit of justice leave victims in vulnerable situations

Praia, Jun 4 (Inforpress) – Children and adolescents who are victims of sexual assault and abuse face unimaginable traumas wich leave them vulnerable to the society that judge and condemn them while proclaiming a friendly justice for the victims.

The reading is from the specialists who care children and adolescents in vulnerable situations due aggression and rape and who battle for a friendly justice for the victims in Cabo Verde, in statements to Inforpress, in the framework of the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression and National Day for the Prevention and Combat of Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Minors.

“Sexual abuse is the most visible trauma in children and adolescents who experience violence, because it is the one that has the highest risk for developing psychological problems which can result in consequences of  depressive nature, difficulty in relating to other people, decreased self-esteem and others,” said the ICCA psychologist who treats victims of abuse and trauma, Aliana Carvalho.

Aliana Carvalho, who talked on the traumas the victims go through when they suffer aggression, said sexual violence is the one that makes victims more vulnerable and with sequelae that lead them to have a feeling of guilt, to hate the body, and may even become victims of abusive relationships.



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