Child-Friendly Justice Project will protect children and guarantee humanized care – minister

City of Praia, 13 Sep (Inforpress) – The Minister of Justice, Joana Rosa, today highlighted the importance of the Child Friendly Justice project in implementing humanized care techniques in different institutions, protecting children from sexual rape in Cabo Verde.

The government official made these statements during the ceremony to hand over the Procedure Manuals for Child Care, within the scope of the Child Friendly Justice project, held in the City of Praia.

“This project has always been cherished, as a parliamentarian I was also part of the delegation, we went to see how the issue of sexual violation works in the United States, we brought the experience to Cabo Verde,” she recalled

According to the minister, this project will contribute to the creation of a justice system that is closer to children when they are in vulnerable situations, and will enable the state and the courts to pay special attention to the issue of sexual violation against children.



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