Chess: David Mirulla with scoring required for master’s title

Praia, Aug 9 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean chess player David Mirulla won on Monday an opponent from Kwait in the 44th Chess Olympics held in Chennai (India) and achieved the score needed to obtain the title of Master’s candidate (MC).

According to information provided by the Cabo Verdean Chess Federation, “this title is conditional and will be awarded definitively as soon as David Mirulla reaches an ELO of 2000”, in the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

At the moment there are less than 50 ELO points missing for David to become effectively MC, clarifies the national federation of the sport, directly from India. Who also achieved the score needed to obtain the WCM title (Candidate for Women’s Master) in this Chennai Olympics is the chess player Juliana Monteiro, to tie today with her opponent from Jersey.

“The title will be conditional and will only be granted to her when she reaches an ELO of 1800. That is, the title will only be effective after Juliana is on a FIDE ranking list with 1800 or more ELO”, reads the FCX statement. “Now it is working to achieve this goal of the 1800s and then go on to bear the title of WCM. A title is only when FIDE awards the title and in Juliana’s case, the result achieved has not even been recognized. Anyway, our national runner-up took a big step to be our next FIDE title,” said the president of FCX.

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