Chef Ália Santos wants to take Cape Verde spices to the international market

Praia, November 24, 2022 (Inforpress) – Chef Ália Santos officially launches on December 14, at the National Library, in Praia, her first cookbook entitled “Temperos da Chef Ália”, written in Portuguese and English, aiming internationalize Cape Verdean spices.

Speaking to Inforpress, Ália Santos said that “Temperos da Chef Ália” – The knowledge and flavors of Cape Verde, constitutes a “longtime dream” as a cook, having stressed that she developed a passion for the area since she was a child.

“I’ve always liked to cook and it’s in the kitchen that I feel good, so I wanted to put what I’ve learned over time in a book, everything, which would serve as a reference not only for my family, children, but also for all the people who love our cuisine”, he summed up.

With about 100 recipes written in English and Portuguese, mostly Cape Verdean, but some international, the author explained that, is a book that wants to see beyond national borders, that is, to reach the international market.



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