Cheaper fuels from this Thursday

Praia, Sept 1 (Inforpress) – The Multisectoral Regulatory Agency for the Economy (ARME) updates the new maximum fuel prices to enter into force from midnight today, September 1, 2022, with a reduction in all products.

Thus, according to the new price list released this afternoon, gasoline starts to be sold for 147.70 ESC/L; oil at 178.00 ESC/L; regular diesel at 165.70 ESC/L; diesel for electricity at 156.70 ESC/L; marine diesel at 131.90 ESC/L; fuel 380 to 118.10 ESC/KG and fuel 180 to 123.40 ESC/KG.

Butane gas, according to the same source, is sold in bulk for 145.90 ESC/KG; bottles from 3KG to 416.00 escudos; from 6KG to 875.00 escudos; 12.5Kg, 1824.00 escudos and 55Kg to 8025.00 escudos.

According to the regulatory agency, in the domestic market, prices of butane, gasoline, oil, normal diesel, electricity diesel, marine diesel, fuel oil 380 and fuel oil 180 decreased by 5.14%, 11.34%, 0.78%, 2.59%, 2.73%, 2.80%, 2.56% and 2.45%, respectively.

“All of these percentage figures together correspond to an average decrease in fuel prices of 3.80 percent,” adds the same source.



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