Central hospitals want more autonomy to manage staff and improve services

Praia, Nov 29 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde’s central hospitals have asked for autonomy so that they can solve staff problems and provide “more qualified and humanized” responses to clients and not continue to manage with “feelings of frustration”.

The request was made this morning by the chairmen of the hospital administration councils Dr. Agostinho Neto and Baptista de Sousa, at the opening act of the validation and contribution collection workshop, as part of the presentation of the Draft Zero of the Staff and Internal Regulations for Central Hospitals of Cabo Verde.

“Our status say we have financial, asset and other autonomy, but in practice there is no such autonomy, because we have no freedom to even recruit operational support when we run out of staffing at the national level,” says the Praia Hospital PCA.

Júlio Andrade, who considers it understandable for this to happen in the hiring of doctors, argues that in relation to the hiring of nurses and other technicians, there should be “some ease, respecting the legal framework, in recruiting staff.

According to the HAN PCA, if this procedure remains concentrated in the structures of the Ministry of Health or Public Administration, they create embarrassing factors, which do not allow quick decisions so that hospitals can normalize the number of hiring at various levels.



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