Cape Verdeans in Burela (Spain) continue to complain about the documentation problem

Lisbon, Mar 12 (Inforpress) – Cape Verdeans residing in the municipality of Burela and surroundings, in Spain, once again complained about the documentation problem, since they are far away from both Madrid and Lisbon to deal with this issue.

The problem was raised during a dialogue and consultation meeting held this Sunday afternoon, with the deputy of the nation elected by the diaspora, from the African Independence Party of Cape Verde (PAICV, opposition), Francisco Pereira, who, in the end, said to Inforpress that “it went very well”.

“They travel six hours to go to Madrid or seven hours to Lisbon, with a view to issuing a passport. It is a community that really needs our attention. The men work at sea, the women are on land and take care of the children’s education. Here, school failure is a serious problem”, explained the deputy to Inforpress.

At the meeting that took place at the Municipal Auditorium of Burela, Francisco Pereira assured that he will take the situation of these Cape Verdeans to Parliament, stressing that the community also addressed the issue of transport problems and the price of tickets to go to Cape Verde.



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