Cape Verde has received 17 million euro from the EU for budget aid in the last six months – Ambassador


Porto Novo, June 5 (Inforpress) – The Government of Cabo Verde has received since December 2016 from the European Union (EU) an amount of 17 million euro for aid to the State budget, according to EU ambassador Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira.

Josw Manuel Pinto Teixeira, who spoke to the press in Santo Antao, where he was visiting in recent days, said that the EU, which is the largest donor of the State budget, in Cabo Verde has already disbursed in the last six months 17 million euro (1.8 million escudos) to the State of Cabo Verde to finance development projects.

“The EU is the largest donor of the State budget. Only since December has it disbursed 17 million euro “just” to finance normal works in Cabo Verde,” noted the diplomat, who highlighted the exceptional EU assistance to Cabo Verde on the occasion of the torrential rains of September 2016 in Santo Antao, worth seven million euro.

Still in Santo Antao, the EU has financed, in addition to the recovery of the island, other projects, mainly linked to tourism, the latest being on sustainable tourism launched this week, worth 500 thousand euros.



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