Candidate for the Presidency of the Public Finance Council wants to contribute to fulfilling the mission

Praia, Apr 3 (Inforpress) – The candidate for the position of chairman of the Public Finance Council, Osvaldo Borges, expressed confidence that his professional experience and qualifications are very important in fulfilling the mission and function of that body.

Osvaldo Borges, who was President of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) made these statements at the Specialized Commission on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, Security and State Reform, which will meet up with the Specialized Commission on Finance and Budget, to hear personalities appointed by the Government, the Bank of Cabo Verde, and the Court of Auditors, to compose the Public Finance Council.

Expressing his motivation for accepting the invitation to Chair the Public Finance Council, he said that he wants to contribute so that the said body can also work with econometric models, considering the uncertainties related to the crisis that has affected the world.

He highlighted the important role that universities play in the discussion and issuing of technical opinions in carrying out budgets, as he recalled, educational institutions are composed of a group of people who for years have been working with econometric and mathematical models.



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