Cabo Verde with stock of medicines for HIV / AIDS patients guaranteed until the end of 2020 – responsible

Praia, Jul 9 (Inforpress) – The executive secretary of the Coordination Committee to Combat AIDS ( CCS / AIDS), Celina Ferreira, said today that Cabo Verde has a guaranteed stock of medicines for HIV / AIDS patients until the end of 2020.

Speaking to Inforpress, to talk about the situation in the country regarding the stock of medicines for HIV / AIDS patients, since worldwide there has been a shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Celina Ferreira said that the archipelago “very early” started placing orders, so we will not have this concerns until the begining of 2021.

“We have orders to arrive in August and we have lots of medicines at Customs to be cleared. Our stock can guarantee treatment for all patients without any threat of rupture”, she guaranteed.

The executive secretary of CCS / AIDS said that for 2021 the order is made through the new request for financing, a request that is always made in October. Despite this, Celina Ferreira expressed concern if the pandemic of the new coronavirus continues to hamper and cause the production of antiretroviral to decrease worldwide, calling into question the treatment of people with HIV / AIDS.



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