Cabo Verde TradeInvest wants private sector at the same pace of tourism

Praia, April 4 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde TradeInvest wants the Cabo Verdean private sector to be able to follow the tourism development in the country, which continues to grow, especially on the Sal Island, also boosting the national economy.

Speaking to Inforpress, Cabo Verde TradeInvest executive director, Luis Aguiar, said the idea is to support the entire Cabo Verdean private sector through tourism in Sal, the most touristic island in Cabo Verde since this sector is seen as the “motor” of the development of the archipelago.

In this context, and within the framework of the African Bank for Import and Export – Afreximbank to Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde TradeInvest in partnership with the Ministry of Finance is organizing a workshop on “Mechanisms and financing / investment opportunities for the Cabo Verdean Private sector”, to take place in one of the hotels in Santa Maria, Sal, from 09:00 AM.

“Tourism on the Sal Island continues to grow, so we want the private sector to be able to keep pace and at the same pace as tourism itself,” he said, noting that the perspective for the workshop is that Afreximbank, through the Cabo Verdean financial system, invest in online financing for the Cabo Verdean private sector itself.





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