Cabo Verde Paralympic Committee wants to develop activities in the discipline of weightlifting


Praia, June 8 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde Paralympics Committee (COPAC) and Olympic Weightlifting Association sign an agreement today with the aim of the Paralympic Committee developing activities in the discipline of Paralympic weightlifting.

In an interview with Inforpress, the president of the Cabo Verde Paralympic Committee, José Rodrigo Bejarano, said that the idea is to work always in partnership with the Olympic federations and the national and international Olympic institutions that work with the same sporting modality.

He also explained that the signing of this agreement helps in the introduction and development of the Olympic and Paralympic weightlifting sport in Cabo Verde, arguing that coaches, referees and organizations will work with the same objectives in order to achieve this.

For August he announced a training of paralympic weightlifting for athletes, referees, coaches and for sports classifiers in partnership with the Weightlifting Association.





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