Cabo Verde invests in the import of strawberries to modernize and stimulate the development fruit-growing sector

Praia, Feb 18 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Agriculture and Environment said Wednesday that betting on the import of strawberries of six different varieties will improve genetic capital, diversify the diet and stimulate the development of fruit-growing sector in Cabo Verde .

Gilberto Silva made these statements to the press, after held a visit to the Hydroponics Center, in the City of Praia, to verify ‘in loco’ the process and the space for strawberries production, emphasizing that Cabo Verde has conditions for the production of strawberries, but there was a need to improve genetic capital.

According to him, the Government has chosen to import strawberry plants such as Melissa, Marisol, Albion, San Andreas, Portola and Cabrillo because they are resistant to drought and climate change, diseases and pests, stressing that with this initiative the country will be in conditions to produce strawberries all year round.

“It means that all Cabo Verdean farmers will be able to access strawberry plants for production. They are plants we believe will adapt very well to our climate, so one of the advantages will necessarily be the production of plants throughout the year and with an advantage not only for the Cabo Verdean diet, but with an advantage for farmers’ income,” he said.



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