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Cabo Verde integrates children’s collection of Lusophony with “contar histórias com a avó ao colo”

Praia, May 5 (Inforpress) – The writer Natacha Magalhães represents Cabo Verde at the launch of the children’s book called “contar histórias com a avó ao colo” (telling stories with grandma in her lap), which takes place today, in commemoration of world Portuguese Language Day, which takes place on May 5.

According to a press release sent to Inforpress, Cabo Verde is represented in the project by the writer Natacha Magalhães, who was invited to write two short stories showing identity aspects of Cabo Verde and, at the same time, bring idioms or popular expressions of the country.

The note states that the book “contar histórias com a avó ao colo” refers to popular sayings and expressions, but also to a certain ancestry, to the knowledge passed down from generation to generation.

This work also offers a maternal and feminine image, since all texts are written by women and the fixation in the time of knowledge constitutes the cultural identity from various peoples and Portuguese language nations.



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