Cabo Verde hosts as of Wednesday the IX Forum of Caritas Lusófonas


Praia, Oct 10 (Infropress) – Cabo Verde, more specifically the city of the Picos, in the  Municipality of São Salvador do Mundo, hosts the 9th Forum of Lusophone Caritas from 11 to 17 to discuss hunger and inequalities in Portuguese-speaking countries.

According to the Secretary General of Caritas Cabo Verde, Marina Almeida, in statements to Inforpress, it is a space for debate and reflection on “relevant themes” within the framework of the Churches and Caritas Lusófonas activities.

The meeting, in which the representatives of the Caritas from Cabo Verde, Angola, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe and Timor will discuss the theme “Hunger and Inequalities in Lusophone Countries: Caritas engagement in the processes of Social and Economic Transformation” will also serve to exchange ideas and experiences among the participants.

“With the ninth meeting of the Caritas Lusófonas, we intend to join efforts to contribute to the human, pastoral and cultural development of the member countries, enhancing the resources with a view to valuing the person and their living conditions, denouncing the injustices and pointing ways,” she said.



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