Cabo Verde has enormous potential for green job creation – study

Praia, April 28 (Inforpress) – A study on the mapping of the different green economy interventions in Cabo Verde, presented today in Praia City, indicates that the country has “enormous potentialities” for economic growth and creation of green jobs.

The study was presented within the framework of the national workshop on “Green Economy in Cabo Verde and the potential for job creation” promoted by the Support Program for the National Strategy for Job Creation in Cabo Verde (PAENCE / CV), implemented by the International Organization Labor Organization (ILO).

According to the consultant and coordinator of the study, Carla Janeiro, the green economy encompasses initiatives that take into account economic, social and environmental concerns.

“These are economic activities that create jobs and, at the same time, generate decent jobs, where social inclusion is also a concern and tend to contribute to solving environmental problems,” she explained.

During the study, which lasted about two months, more than 150 initiatives were identified, being private and governmental. This number, according to Carla Janeiro, represents a small sample of what is happening in Cabo Verde.





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