Cabo Verde expresses willingness to receive the estate of Amílcar Cabral from the Mário Soares Foundation

Praia, Sep 27(Inforpess) – The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abraão Vicente, held a working meeting on Monday with leaders of the Mário Soares Foundation in Portugal to learn about the existing estate and the documentary management plan, forecasts for the future of the Foundation.

According to a note from that Ministry, this visit to the Mário Soares Foundation is framed in the scope of the project for inscription of the writings of Amílcar Cabral in the Program Memories of the World, during which was formally presented the Cabo Verde’s will to receive the estate of Amílcar Cabral, if it is the will, both of that Foundation and of the Republic of Guinea Bissau.

During the working meeting, the delegation that also joined the President of the IPC, Jair Fernandes, expressed Cabo Verde’s interest in heritage preservation due its historical importance for scientific research on the life and work of Amílcar Cabral.

Similarly, the importance of consensus with Guinea-Bissau on the need for an ever-more in-depth investigation of all heritage archives aimed at a full understanding of the history of Cabo Verde’s independence.

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