Cabo Verde enters Guinness World Records with “the world’s largest cachupa”


Praia, Aug 22 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde enters the Guinness World Records book with the world’s largest “cachupa”, weighing 6360 kilograms, made during this year 9th edition of Badja Ku Sol.

According to a note sent to Inforpress, the confirmation of the country’s entry into the record book was recently given by the commercial agent of Guinness World Records, Fay Edwards.

In the same note they remember that this “dream” was to be achieved in 2015, in the 7th edition of the “Badja Ku Sol” Festival, but it did not happen because “a mishap” made this entrance unfeasible, that is, the lack of a scale of precision that prevented one to know how many kilograms had exactly the cachupa.

Even without having achieved “such ambition,” says the document  the organization (Cavibel) “did not lower their arms” and returned two years, in the 9th edition of the festival, have managed to realize the dream.









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