Brava: Employment and Employability Network promotes lecture and training on Gender Equality

Nova Sintra, Nov 4 (Inforpress) – The Luxembourg Cooperation Workplace’s Network for the Promotion of Employment and Employability in Brava will hold a lecture and training on gender equality today.

The activity, according to a press release sent to Inforpress, is part of the network’s action plan for 2019, which aims to “inform, encourage and raising awareness” among the different development actors about the challenges facing the island.

Brava will have in the coming years to promote employment and employability policies.

The lecture and training will be in charge of Dionara Anjos, who, according to the schedule, will address the concept of gender and the gender / sex system, gender roles and gender stereotypes, the main ways for transmission and reproduction of gender relations in society and some practical activities.

For the training, which will take place on the 5th and 6th, it is intended to discuss gender inequalities in the labour market and labour discrimination, the productive and reproductive economy and gender indicators in Cabo Verde, among others.



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