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Brava: Department of Culture envisages raising awareness sessions in schools to encourage visits to the House-Museum

Nova Sintra, Oct 13 (Inforpress) – The councilwoman of Culture at City Hall of Brava island announced today that she will schedule raising awareness sessions in schools to encourage the educational community to visit the House-Museum, aiming to know more the history of the poet Eugénio Tavares.

This information was provided to Inforpress by Councilwoman Edna Andrade, highlighting that with the requalification works and the transformation of the museum into the museum house, the space gained a “new dynamic”, although the pandemic caused several changes in the initial plan.

However, she pointed out that with the resumption cultural activities, the City Hall will readapt the plan and resume work, having already implemented a control form for visitors, allowing the service to have an idea of how many people visit the space, reasons, nationality, among other requirements.

With this plan and some raising awareness sessions with the educational community, as a way to encourage students and teachers to visit the House-Museum, the councilwoman believes that visitors will learn more about the history of Eugénio Tavares and the estate is there.



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