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Brava/Carnival: Mocidade Group participate in the Carnival because they “like” and to encourage other neighbourhoods too

Nova Sintra, Jan 27 (Inforpress) – The leader of the Mocidade group, Raquel Rodrigues, said that what makes the group participate in the Carnival is because they “like and passion” and also a way to encourage other neighbourhoods that previously participated and now do not.

Raquel Rodrigues made these statements to Inforpress, announcing that they have already started rehearsals as a way to control the number of  revelers and from the week that begins they will start rehearsing with the songs of the parade.

And, like the Baianas group, she informed that they already have the theme decided, a budget for the floats, but they will not disclose the amount yet.

Regarding the number of revelers, he said he still did not have a certain number, but that at the time of registration, the city council demanded at least 50, a number that they intend to overcome as has happened in other years.



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