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Brava: Biologist warns about shark consumption can cause disease

Nova Sintra, Apr 16 (Inforpress) – Biologist Gelson Monteiro, from the Biflores Association, considered in a conversation with the students of the 5th grade of the Basic School of Nossa Senhora do Monte that when the man consumes the shark’s meat he is looking for “more disease for himself”.

According to Gelson Monteiro, the goal of the initiative was to make pupils aware of the importance of sharks and make them aware of the need to preserve these animals, so as to make these children “ecologically educated citizens” tomorrow.

Educating these children or passing the message to these children, according to the biologist, is a “more practical and easier” way to reach adults.

As he has progressed, they often move to some communities, but not all parents, siblings, friends, among other adults are able to be present and so these children who learn today about that will pass on the importance and knowledge they have acquired during the conversation.



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