Brava: Association pleased with the participation of Brava’s people in a screening and marching campaign

Nova Sintra, Nov 18 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean Cancer Association (ACLCC) was pleased with the level of participation of men and women in the cancer screening campaign and the 2nd November Blue March in Brava Island.

The association, in partnership with the health structures in the Fogo/Brava region, started on Saturday, 16th, as part of the November Blue campaign, a set of awareness and screening activities for cervical, breast and prostate cancers, and today carried out the screening and a march in Nova Sintra.

Cornelia Miranda Pereira, head of ACLCC, was “pleased” with the number of participants, which she said “exceeded” the association’s expectations on the island, “mainly” with the presence of men in the screenings.

The official said that on the island there was a “good attendance” of men, in addition to the women who normally participate in these campaigns, and from the projection that had been made they were able to achieve more than 80 percent (%) of what was expected to be done in the island. Despite the satisfaction achieved, the leader stressed that ACLCC continues to ask men to go to health centers, because of the public they have, women always prevail, which means that men need to focus more on disease prevention.



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