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Boa Vista: Taxi owners consider stopping activities due to difficulties in accessing credits

Sal Rei, Nov 12  (Inforpress) – Taxi owners the Boa Vista Island consider stopping activities alleging difficulties in accessing the credit line to maintain the bank investment made for micro and small transport companies.

A group of taxi owners sought the media to talk about some economic and social problems they face, including the difficulty of accessing the program to promote the credit line to maintain the investment made in micro and small companies.

As they explained, to access credit in banks, you have to have the complete file, which includes a statement from the INPS, which they are unable to obtain considering that, in order to have the document, they say that the social security institution alleges debts that it has for pay since March.

This is the case of the taxi owner, Olavo Teixeira, who, as he said, had paid social security until June and had to pay two more months, that is, July and August, being due the months of September and October. However, he said that he still could not obtain the document.

“We are going to INPS to request any statement, they tell us that we have debts since March, knowing that since then we have stopped paying finances and our bank contributions, because we have no income”, said Olavo Teixeira, questioning how to get withdraw eight percent (%) of salary to pay INPS, or other expenses, if you have no income from the time due to the interruption of activities due to COVID-19.



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