Boa Vista: President of the Republic considers that “the island has to be thought in a dimension that exceeds the number of inhabitants”

Sal Rei, Sep 3 (Inforpress) – The President of the Republic considered Monday that Boa Vista is an “island with problems and many challenges ahead”, defending its need “to be thought  in a dimension that exceeds the number of inhabitants”.

This was the perception that Jorge Carlos Fonseca said he had about Boa Vista, at the end of the first day of the program, after visiting the Health Department, the High School and also the three northern locations, João Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeça de Tarafes.

For the Head of State, one has to “think of Boa Vista beyond the inhabitants,” whose number approaches two tens of thousands of people, but also “as a tourist destination, with thousands of other people visiting it.” Or that is, according to the PR, “in terms of safety, health and sanitation problems, Boa Vista must be projected in a dimension that surpasses only its inhabitants”.

However, despite these challenges, the President of the Republic is of the opinion that the island is “motivated to grow and develop”, to eventually “create conditions for the welfare of the people of Boa Vista”.



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