Boa Vista: People benefiting from the rehousing programme move to new homes next week

Sal Rei, Jul 22 (Inforpress) – Families benefiting from apartments under the rehousing programme are already contracted and next week will move to the new houses and simultaneously the tents will be demolished in the Boa Esperança neighborhood.

This information was provided by the Director of Infrastructure, Ineida Barros, who was checking the work is being done in the Southern part of the Boa Esperança neighborhood. According to the same source, the demolition of the tents will be done simultaneously with the move, to prevent empty tents from being occupied by new “tenants”.

“As people leave, the machine goes in to demolish the tents. The land where the tents will be demolished will be made available to the population of Boa Vista and the City Hall already have a part should be attributed to people and I believe that the City Hall with the Government will have a plan”, she said, stating that the City Hall already has a project for this area and with the Government will have to adopt assertive measures so that there is no new construction of tents.

The director also said that at the moment there are already more than 500 families benefited from the Boa Esperança neighborhood in the South, to whom was given apartments both the Casa para Todos programme and the new apartments.

Taking stock, Ineida Barros explained that more than 300 families have already been rehoused, and from the previous list, from 2017, there were 180 families to relocate and are already included in the program.

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