Boa Vista: Maria Bárbara’s bust handed over by the Government to the (City council) CMBV, which is responsible for placing it in a proper and suitable place

Sal Rei, Jun 9 (Inforpress) – The bust of Maria Bárbara, the first woman to internationalize the morna, was delivered Thursday by the Government to the City council of Boa Vista (CMBV), which is responsible for placing it later in an appropriate space in ceremony organized by the municipality.

The act of discovery and offering of the bust of Maria Bárbara took place during the opening of Boa Vista’s underwater archaeological museum, and was attended by the Mayor of Boa Vista, Cláudio Mendonça, the Minister of Culture, Abraão Vicente, and the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva.

During the “symbolic” handover, the president of the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC), Samira Silva, said that the bust was built as part of the implementation of the project to safeguard morna, as part of a programme outlined through the Ministry of Culture to raise and publicise the great names related to this traditional musical genre of Cabo Verde, “música rainha di nós terra” (queen music of our land), recognised as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, by Unesco, in 2019.

“This bust pays a fair tribute to a modest lady who would have been a washerwoman, but above all a singer who took the song of morna to the international arena and created the possibility of this genre being today a heritage not only of Cabo Verde, but of all humanity,” she said, noting that it is another gift to Boa Vista, and that it will then be placed in its rightful place.



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