Boa Vista: First water desalination plant for agriculture installed in Povoação Velha

Sal Rei, Nov 30 (Inforpress) – The town of Povoação Velha already has a water desalination plant for agriculture, the first to be installed in the Boa Vista Island, a project by Associação Varandinha with funding from the company Genius Water.

According to the president of the Varandinha Association, Henrique Cruz, this project, financed in about 36 million escudos, was accomplished with the assembly of a desalination plant in the Varandinha area where 174 33-watt panels will each mobilize, from a hole, 75 cubic meters (m³) of water per day for agriculture.

“I ask all farmers to take all their efforts and work the land so that there is production not only for family support, but also to supply hotels and perhaps export to other islands,” said the president, who considered that “this is a moment to take advantage and do what has always been done in Boa Vista, agriculture and livestock”.

Henrique Cruz explained that this project was part of the Varandinha Association’s activity plan, bearing in mind that it was found that the water was brackish and, despite continuing to practice agriculture, over time it could bring problems and discouragement to farmers, if the land become salty.



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