Boa Vista: Councilman of Sanitation says that the island has ten informal dumps and would it takes 36 million escudos to remove them

Sal Rei, May 6 (Inforpress) – The municipal waste dump of Boa Vista has an annexed area with ten garbage dumps to the island, which totals 44.000 m3 of waste, and it takes 36 million escudos to remove them.

These are some of the data provided by the director of Sanitation of the City Hall of Boa Vista, Domingos Lobo, who spoke on the panel on the transformation of waste from an environmental liability into an economic asset, at one of the conferences held by the Engineers Association of Cabo Verde, in the island.

For the director, “the municipal waste dump is geographically poorly located”, in this case in Povoação Velha, where he says, “there was an old dump that was not transferred to the municipal waste dump”.

What it analyzes “brings a set of environmental factors, such as soil, air, and water contamination, and the population from that zone suffers daily from these contaminations”.



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