‘Blu Business Solutions’ group creates “Mobile Libraries” project to democratize access to the book

Praia, Sep 21 (Inforpress) – The Blu Business Solutions Group presented on Friday to the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries the project “Mobile Libraries” which aims to democratize access to books, knowledge and information.

After presenting this project to the municipalities of Santa Catarina and São Miguel and having obtained the involvement of local authorities, the group made it known to the Minister of Culture, as a way of analyzing the possibility of framing it in the National Reading Plan.

This innovative project, according to manager Rony Moreira, is a way of democratizing access to books, knowledge and information. Still, he stressed, taking into account the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, it is a way to help in the issue of the distribution of books and teaching materials.

The idea is to develop this project in all municipalities, but at this stage they will start with the municipalities of Santa Catarina, for being the largest in the countryside of Santiago and for its dynamics, and São Miguel, for having the “best and well organized municipal library”.


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