Autárquicas 2020: Electoral campaign kicks off with 65 candidates for the 22 municipalities of the country

Praia, 9 (Inforpress) – The campaign for the 25 October elections kicked off, with 65 candidates running for the presidency of the City Hall and municipal assemblies in the 22 municipalities of the country, under strict rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Four political forces and 12 groups of citizens (the largest number, ever, in the history of Cabo Verdean local power), compete for these eighth local elections in Cabo Verde based on the most different projects, programs and ambitions.

However, only the Movement for Democracy (MpD, ruling party) and the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV, the largest opposition party), present lists in all municipalities in the archipelago.

The Independent and Democratic Cabo Verdean Union (UCID) is running in seven municipalities, the Popular Party (PP) bets only on the municipal assembly of Boa Vista Island and has a list for the City Hall and Municipal Assembly of Praia, this being the municipality with the greater number of candidates (eight).


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