ASA distances itself from any responsability for canceling Binter’s flight to São Nicolau


Espargos, June 27 (Inforpress) – The Air Security Company (ASA) distances itself  this Monday from any responsibility for the cancellation of the Binter Cabo Verde flight on Saturday, 24, stating that “all” operators at national level have information on the physical characteristics of landing track of the São Nicolau airfield.

Janine Cabral, coordinator of ASA’s Marketing and Communications Office, said that the company issued an Aeronautical Information Circular – an official means of disseminating this type of information – on March 20, 2017, sent to “all” Air Operators operating in the country the physical characteristics of the  landing track of the São Nicolau airfield, normal and obligatory procedure in civil aviation, she said.

According to the same source, on May 03, 2017 Binter Cabo Verde had requested from ASA a set of information on the characteristics of the São Nicolau airfield related to the luggage screening system, passenger control , operational safety measures, “with the aim” to prepare and start operations in São Nicolau scheduled for June 17.

“This information was sent to Binter Cabo Verde on May 8, with clear reference to the infrastructure limitations of the 23 meter wide landing track, in which the inaugural flight was held on June 17, followed by a medical evacuation flight in June 18, and two more commercial flights in the days to follow,” he said.

Last Saturday 24th, Binter Cabo Verde announced that it had canceled a flight to / from São Nicolau due to the reduction of the island’s landing track from 30 meters to 23 meters wide, because this airline’s ATR aircraft are certified for operation on 30 meter landing track.




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