Artisan Mizé Varela prepares the launch of her newest collection entitled “Siza de Karapati”

Praia,  Oct 12 (Inforpress) – The young artisan, Mizé Varela, owner of the “Mizé Acessórios” brand, is preparing for the 16th of this month, the launch of her newest collection entitled “Siza de Karapati”.

Speaking to Inforpress, Mize Varela said that she is preparing to launch her newest work called “Siza de Karapati”, in an event will take place next Friday, 16th, at 6:00PM at the “Linha d’Água” restaurant in Prainha.

“The ‘Siza de karapati ’collection is a creation came about because of my stubbornness, knowing that the material I’m using to work with is a material is used for civil construction, and in the home. However, I thought to make a suitcase of threads, all with sisal rope, which in Santiago Creole is called the “Karapati” rope, explained the artisan.

According to Mizé Varela, she decided to call her work “Siza de Karapati” because Siza represents a “hard-working Cabo Verdean woman” whose she feels identified with, and “karapati” for being a plant is not needed be cared for to develop, because it grows in its natural habitat and develops in its own way, being a resilient species.



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