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Arlindo Mendes presents book of memoirs “Prática de Rasta Nguka em Santiago Rural”

Praia, Jun 11 (Inforpress) – Anthropologist Arlindo Mendes presented his latest literary work “Prática de Rasta Nguka em Santiago Rural”, a book of memoirs and the rescue of traditions, in a ceremony held at the National Library.

The author explained to Inforpress that “Rasta Nguka” is a metaphorical term consisting of a practice was carried out in a relatively recent past, in the rural countryside of Santiago, in which people would only have beautiful women to marry and date if they worked well in the hoe cable.

“The book is about this reality,” explained Arlindo Mendes, stating that the work was written two years ago and due the problem of the  COVID-19 pandemic its release to be delayed by a year.

For the author, this “is a book of memoirs in which we seek to retain, rummage, investigate and bring to light information of oral traditions, useful for the memory of all, because so that we can get to know each other better”, so he recommends reading this work to “the whole world”, to learn about this memory.



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