ARAP points to a reduction in “serious failures” in public procurement and in the direct adjustments

Praia, November 24, 2022 (Inforpress) – The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARAP) guaranteed this Wednesday, in Praia, that it has been detecting a reduction in “serious failures” in public procurement, with a tendency to reduce choice of direct adjustments.

This information was provided to Inforpress by the chairman of the Board of Directors of ARAP, Samira Duarte, having underlined that in addition to the non-compliance observed in the audits, the institution also notes a lack of knowledge on the part of the regulated entities that can be confused with “bad faith”.

“The perception that ARAP has, and going by concrete data that we verify in the audits, we have detected fewer serious failures (…). We have noticed that in addition to the failures there is also a lack of knowledge, people may think, but it will not be bad faith, many times it is not, many times it is a lack of knowledge, which is why ARAP has excelled in this pedagogy”, she concluded.

In this regard, Samira Duarte made it known that the institution has promoted many training actions for adjudicating entities, underlining that they continue to invest in education and explained that training for economic operators is ongoing.



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