ANAS study recommends design model in water management for agriculture

Nova Sintra, Jul 22 (Inforpress) – A study carried out by ANAS for the design and elaboration of an adequate model for the management of surface and underground water for agriculture recommends the design model for managing water for irrigation in agriculture.

According to a statement sent to Inforpress, the main constraints on the water management process for agriculture are the high volume of water losses, the under-exploitation of springs, galleries and wells, the lack or insufficiency of water, the fragility of institutions responsible for the operation of water infrastructure.

But also, it pointed out the lack of payment for water services, the little or nonexistent information on the register of farmers as being some of the main constraints.

In this sense, the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANAS) decided to carry out the study that suggested the design model as being the most suitable for water management in this sector.


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