AME 2023: Bulimundo celebrates 45 years at the international music fair taking place in Praia

City of Praia, Apr. 10 (Inforpress) – The group Bulimundo celebrates their 45-year career on the 13th at Praça Luís Camões, one of the stages of the Atlantic Music Expo (AME) 2023 that starts today in the city of Praia.

Information provided by the producer Insulada highlights that the show will be one of the most “precious” events of the ninth edition of AME.

“Led by Katchas, a group of young people took on the challenge of rescuing, for the first time, the rhythm of Funana, which was then avoided in the city by transcribing the gaita (diatonic accordion) and ferrinho (an iron bar rubbed by a knife to produce marked and precious rhythms) to electric stage instruments,” the document reads.

According to the same source, the group, which through music also raised the flag of social causes, still resists and proposes the classics that were part of the soundtracks of generations on stage.



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