Amadeu Oliveira case: Witness who handed over passport denies threat and says defendant never presented himself as MP

Mindelo, Sep 14 (Inforpress) – The bailiff Carla da Rosa, heard on Tuesday as a witness in the case in which is charged the lawyer Amadeu Oliveira, denied that he threatened her or presented himself at the secretariat of the Supreme Court as MP.

Carla da Rosa was the emergency service officer at the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ), on the June 24, 2021 afternoon, when the lawyer Amadeu Oliveira went there to take his constituent Arlindo Teixeira passport, since the interdiction of exit from the country had no longer been in force.

According to the court, heard this afternoon, through videoconference from the City of Praia, when the defendant arrived at the secretariat of the STJ to request the passport, she asked him to wait while she, bailiff, would go to the first floor to clarify with the Judge-Rapporteur of the case a question about the delivery. That the judge was not there, she tried to send a message, but as he got no answer, “after some time”, asked the defendant to return another day in the morning.

That, as she said, Amadeu Oliveira “became upset, made noise and turmoil”. He “called pejorative names to the judges and saying that it was a rabble of forgers judges”, but she did not remember other pejorative qualifications addressed to the judges, and then he left.



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