AJOC promotes Press Freedom Gala in the National Assembly

Praia, Apr 26 (Inforpress) – AJOC celebrates World Press Freedom Day, May 3, with a Charity Gala at the National Assembly to recognition of journalists with three decades in service and posthumous tribute to journalist António Pedro Rocha.

“It is an opportunity to recognize the most experienced journalists, with more than 30 years in service for the journey and contribution they have made in favor of Cabo Verdean journalism,” explained the president of the Cabo Verde Journalists’ Trade Union Association (AJOC).

This recognition, announced Geremias Furtado, is extended to some professionals who also made their contribution, namely drivers, cameramen, in this “Charity Gala” whose revenues of the ticket sales at prices of 500 escudos will be destined to Waldir Alves, a Cabo Verdean journalist living in the USA, who goes through difficult situations in terms of health.

Geremias Furtado stressed that veteran journalist Waldir Alves, a U.S.resident, where he has been working with the Diaspora, deserved attention from the AJOC associates.



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