AJOC denounces attack on freedom of the press and launches international request for help

Praia, Jan 14 (Inforpress) – AJOC denounced on the Freedom and Democracy Day on this Thursday that the freedom of the press in the country is being called into question and attacked by justice, aiming to limit the class and “launch an international request for help”.

In a press conference held at its Plato head office, the president of the Cabo Verde Journalists’ Trade Union Association (AJOC) said that “in the face of a real attack on freedom of the press in Cabo Verde,” the international request for help will be addressed to Reporters Without Borders, the International Federation of Journalists and all entities are necessary.

Geremias Furtado justified this position by understanding that freedom of the press is indispensable to democracy and “it should not be accepted that it be called into question, especially by those who have the duty and obligation to defend it”.

He said that the freedom of the press did not begin in 2022 in the best way, justifying that “in less than a week, two episodes mark the negative exercise of journalism in Cabo Verde”, actions that need “to stop, otherwise” the country will descend, once again, the “important” steps conquered in these 46 years of independence, he stated.



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