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African countries to create multisectoral platforms for relevant health issues – OOAS

Praia, Jul 10 (Inforpress) – The Director-General of the West African Health Organization (OAS) on Tuesday called on African countries to set up multisectoral platforms for relevant health issues and allocate 15 percent (%) of national budgets for this sector.

Stanley Okolo acknowledged in its message to mark the 32nd anniversary of the creation of OOS that the health environment in West Africa is currently mixed, but stressed that the continent continues to face recurring epidemics, such as Lassa fever, yellow fever and meningitis, many women continue to die during childbirth and children do not live beyond five years.

“We call upon each country to establish multisectoral platforms for relevant health issues, such as malaria, and they should work harder to implement the Abuja Declaration, which calls for 15% of all national budgets to be devoted to health,” he referred.

He recalled that malaria has been eliminated in many parts of the world but is still remain in the African region, with 11 countries accounting for more than 80% of the cases, in India and 10 African countries, including five in West Africa.



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