Ribeira Grande / Agricultural Year: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment outlines strategies for phytosanitary campaign

Ribeira Grande, Jul 8 (Inforpress) – The delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) in Ribeira Grande, Orlando Jesus Delgado, said Tuesday that pest control strategies are already outlined during this year’s agricultural campaign.

Orlando Jesus Delgado told Inforpress that if it rains the island will face, for the first time, a new pest, the corn cartridge caterpillar, and added that until this moment it is not known what the reaction will be on the island of Santo Antão, taking into account the three consecutive drought years that the island faces.

“We are prepared to detect where there is a greater focus of this plague to fight it. We have already trained around 20 pesticide applicators and if the ministry needs its services, we can hire them,” said Orlando Delgado, who recalled that“ the responsibility for treatment in each plot belongs to the farmer”. However, he added that in exceptional cases the MAA can reinforce, providing technical and material support in case of need.

Orlando Jesus Delgado explained that the MAA usually deals with four pests, namely, locusts,  millipede plague, corn-caterpillar and aphid caterpillars, and guaranteed that the delegation already has the necessary materials and equipment for that purpose, namely, pesticides, bran, trap and choromonas.



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