2020 Local Elections / Maio: António Ramos (PAICV) states his candidacy will be people-oriented

Porto Ingles, Aug 14 (Inforpress) – The African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV) candidate, António Ramos, who leads the party list on the island of Maio, in the Local Elections of 25 October, states that his focus will be “in people”.

The candidate of the main opposition party told Inforpress that he accepted this challenge with the aim of giving his contribution in the City Hall of Maio in order to provide citizens with better living conditions, integrating the island in the international tourist corridor.

According to António Ramos, more than ever Maio population expects for an urgent change in the City Hall of Maio, arguing that “after almost three decades of the MpD team governance in the island, today any Maio citizen and even the most fundamentalists are aware of this, because they know that discrimination reigns inside the City Hall”.

In order to change this scenario, António Ramos, who until recently was the leader of the Onda Independente para Avançar Maio, guarantees that he has already formed a team made up of “highly qualified staff” and up to the challenges that the island needs, informing that soon, municipal assembly members will be presented to Maio citizens



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