2020 Local Election: Milton Paiva leads the São Domingos Development Platform candidacy

Praia, Aug 5 (Inforpress) – The lawyer and the Movement for Democracy (MpD) MP, Milton Paiva, leads the São Domingos Development Platform candidacy in the local elections scheduled to  October 25 in Cabo Verde.

According to Milton Paiva, it is a supraparty candidacy, which denies that it is called independent and as indicated, it is made up of people known to the MpD, but also of individuals from other political parties and without parties.

“If you notice, we don’t use the independent expression. We use the term platform for development, which is a space to brings together everything and everyone who understands that they should be. We don’t see things in terms of whether the party is yellow or green,” he explained, adding that the idea is that this project bring people together rather than separates them.

With the motto “São Domingos First”, the candidacy, which is publicly presented today, has as its main motivation the development of the municipality and improvement of the quality of life of the population in the municipality.



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