São Vicente/Rosa Sousa: 40 years selling Christmas cards at Rua d’Lisboa

Mindelo, Dec 20 (Inforpress) – Rosa Sousa, 74 years old, born in the city of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, has been following the tradition of selling Christmas postcards for 40 years at Rua d ‘Lisboa, in São Vicente.

As a Christmas promise, every year, from December 5th until São Silvestre Day, Rosa Sousa settles with two postcard-filled basket on one of the “most famous streets in Mindelo” to sell her postcards.

However, she told Inforpress that she can no longer sell as before, when she went home every day with empty basket and her “guaranteed breadwinner.”

“I started selling postcards in 1980. In the past, we used to sell a lot during this holiday season. We bought postcards for five escudos at Toi Pombinha’s shop and sold for 10 escudos each. We would go home with empty basket,” recalled the 70 years old lady with nostalgia. For Rosa Silva, the weak movement is to blame for the internet and social networks, her main rivals, who she revealed are “capsizing her pot ”.



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